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A hidden life with Jésus in a seasonal job

chili CHILE Rancagua : Irma.D


I live with my sister and her family. Ever since the age of 17, I have been doing seasonal work picking fruit, a job which barely enables me to live. In August 2004, I was elected regional moderator of the Rancagua fraternity.

For most of the time, I live Nazareth in silence, trying to live each day justly, confident that God will provide what I need. Moreover,I live Nazareth in silence, listening to those who do not speak much, and providing a word of relief or encouragement if needed.


I give comfort, but I do not judge, and this is where I can best contemplate Jesus, in these people whom society leaves aside in our busy world, and whose only need is : to be listened to.


We show our love when we listen in an unrestricted way, and are attentive to what people may need. During the thirty years of his “hidden life”, Jesus was always attentive to what people needed most.

His silent presence was the best and only help.

What makes the difference for us, is Eucharistic life, Adoration, and a life of prayer; otherwise how could we get assurance if we were not sitting at the feet of the beloved? Everything would be vacuous and devoid of generosity.

When we discuss Nazareth in our fraternity, we speak the same language, we love the same person. And we are no longer alone: we are all walking in the same direction, we are united in prayer, and we accompany one another, knowing we can rely on Someone.